Google worries ChromeOS gaming will suffer if Activision Blizzard acquisition succeeds


As concerns and roadblocks continue to occur surrounding Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a new report claims another major company believes the industry will be worse off if it goes through.

The other commpany is tech giant, Google. The new report (via Politico) says Google believes the quality of Microsoft’s Game Pass service is “purposely degraded” on ChromeOS.

For those unaware of what ChromeOS is, it can be viewed as a competitor to Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Google themselves are also a player, albeit small, in the gaming sphere. While they recently shut down their Stadia cloud service, the company does hold a major foothold when it comes to mobile gaming with Android OS and their Google Play store associated with it.

As of right now, the acquisition has been challenged by the EU, with reports coming out that the United State’s FTC will also challenge it as well. Most common concerns revolve around competitive reasons with the Call of Duty franchise being one of the major IPs at stake.

Despite concerns of a monopoly after the merger, Microsoft has stated they will keep the COD series on PlayStation – though time will tell what will occur when the acquisition happens, if it will happen at all.

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