Goldeneye trademark was renewed following remaster rumors

Goldeneye trademark was renewed

We’ve learned the Goldeneye trademark was renewed, after murmurs of a remaster have been floating around.

Holding company Danjaq, LLC saw that the Goldeneye trademark was renewed, as the trademark was updated on March 15th of this year, meaning it was extended possibly for another ten years.

Danjaq’s trademark for Goldeneye corresponds to the original game developed for the Nintendo 64, and falls under several classes for things like downloadable electronic game software, entertainment services, and more.

The Goldeneye license and trademark have been in a legal battle over the years as not one company owns a majority legal claim to the original game adaptation. To date, Nintendo (the original publisher), MGM (the original film studio), and now Microsoft (who now owns original developer Rare) all make a claim to the entity.

Previously, the Xbox Achievements list for what appears to be a Goldeneye remaster surfaced, leading many to believe not only is the remaster real, it’s closer to release than we think as achievements or trophy lists tend to get published just prior to a game launching.

Each achievement shows in-game screenshots, all of which look like the original GoldenEye 007, but remastered. This confirms the potential re-release is not a remake of some kind like 2010-released Activision remake, which many fans didn’t like.

An Xbox Live Arcade remake was apparently in development at some point, which also had a separate achievement list leaked but the game has been confirmed to have been cancelled.

Lastly, a reminder that 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the original GoldenEye 007, which is likely why a remaster by the original developer Rare is now seemingly happening.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

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