Golden Guardians Huhi Playoff Interview After 3 to 1 Loss to NRG

The second week of the NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs is now over. With the second week coming to a close, there were quite a few matches that did not go as fans and even some of the players expected. In the Cloud 9 vs Evil Geniuses series, many expected a 3 to 1 C9 victory; instead, C9 rolled through EG and made people believe in the Number 1 seed team.

In the Golden Guardians vs NRG series, most fans expected that Golden Guardians would match C9s decisive win, and defeat NRG within four games. Instead, it seemed like the bye week inhibited Golden Guardians, giving NRG an advantage over their well-rested opponents. Rather than Golden Guardians beating 3 to 1 like it was predicted, it was NRG that would beat Golden Guardians 3 to 1.

After a surprising loss to NRG in Round 2 of the upper bracket, we had the opportunity to sit down with Golden Guardians support GG Huhi.

Golden Guardians Huhi (Choi Jae-hyun) Interview

After coming off a tough series that many expected you to win, how do you refocus before your next match against Team Dignitas?

GG Huhi – Obviously, today’s match wasn’t a great performance by us. I think NRG, just in general, played really well. I’m not too worried about Team Dignitas. We are a team with experience. So we won’t be too sad about today’s loss. I think we learned quite a few things on stage today.

I do think having a stage game is really important. I feel like we were getting warmed up after a long break because we had the bye week. We didn’t have a game for two weeks. I feel like that was a big disadvantage for my team especially. So versus Dignitas, I am not too worried.

Do you think that bye week hindered your team while helping NRG because they had the time to adjust?

GG Huhi – In a sense yes. In the Cloud 9 game, it showed that it was more team dependent. For us, personally, I feel like if we won the first game against NRG we would have 3 to 0 them but as soon as we lost to them I feel like the odds weren’t in our favor. We somehow fought back in the end and took game 3 trying to reverse sweep but I think overall, NRG played very solid.

With facing Dignitas, there is obviously stuff that you’ve seen in scrims or planned around, is there anything that you feel Dignitas does exclusively that you have mentally prepared for?

GG Huhi – I think Dignitas’ strongest player is Rich. Licorice is playing really well this year. I’m not too worried about our match vs Dignitas. Like you can see today, Eric (Licorice) has been performing really well and gapping everyone in Top Lane. As long as the other four wake up on the right side of the bed, I think we will be good.

Is there anything from the Pick and Ban phase that you guys kind of wish you picked or banned?

GG Huhi – Not too much I think. In the first game, I feel like we would have won if we just didn’t get caught so many times when we knew where everyone was. I feel like we were making uncharacteristic decisions and mistakes overall. That’s why I was open to allowing them to pick Kai’sa again. When they won on the Kai’sa in the second game, it was good to switch the mood up and we took Kai’sa away. Trevor (Stixxay) popped off on Kai’sa in game 3. I don’t think there are that many regrets myself. Maybe the second game Maokai pick.

What originally got you into League of Legends?

GG Huhi – My friends. We used to go to internet cafes and they showed me League of Legends.

After playing League, what got you into competitive/pro play?

GG Huhi – I think it was when I was playing and I went from placement to solo queue really fast. That year, I asked my parents, can I try at least six months of trying to reach the pro level.

How old were you when you tried to go pro? Did you finish school before trying?

GG Huhi – I was 17 or 18. I was still trying to study for university. In between the terms of applying to a university and waiting for acceptance or rejection, that’s when I started. I bought a computer myself after saving money from doing a  part-time job. I really started grinding and then was able to go pro.

If you weren’t a pro League of Legends player, what did you want to be? If you retired, what would you want to be?

GG Huhi – I am really interested in Architecture. I like designing homes or building the house in the way that I want. Either that or cooking (Culinary). Either French style or even Asian style.

Is that still a possible option once you retire?

GG Huhi – I don’t know about that but we will see.

Who are some of your favorite champions and who was the first champion you mained?

GG Huhi – The first champion I mained was Alistar or Teemo. One of those two. My favorite champion is probably Aurelion Sol. I like the champion design. Dragon looks cool. I preferred it before the rework. Right now, he is kind of like a different dragon.

What is one champion that you do not like to play against?

GG Huhi – Right now, I would have to say Tristana. I don’t like playing against it, so I either pick it or ban it.


Favorite candies or sweets?

GG Huhi – Chocolate or ice cream. Chocolate ice cream or sour dessert (sorbets).

Cats or Dogs?

GG Huhi – Dogs

Favorite movies?

GG Huhi – The Lord of the Rings. I’ve watched them multiple times. Animated movies like Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle.

Favorite Animes?

GG Huhi – One Piece

Favorite Foods?

GG Huhi – Chinese food – the numbing spice, non-MSG, or Hotpot.

Favorite Music genre and artists?

GG Huhi – My favorite artist is Post Malone. I like pop, rap, and hip-hop.

What do you think of Post Malone buying the One Ring MTG card for 2 million dollars?

GG Huhi – it’s his decision. So I respect it but I don’t think I’d do the same if I had that much money. I think he can also enjoy his life so I don’t judge him.

Favorite games outside of League?

GG Huhi – Right now, I would say TFT. I like playing Nintendo Switch games with friends when I hang out (Mario Party, Mario Kart, and Mario Tennis),

Players that inspire you or inspired you?

GG Huhi – I think the most recent person that inspired me in terms of pro play would have to be Deft. He didn’t give up for a long time and won worlds; it was pretty cool to see that. Other than that, the basic answer would be Faker. He’s been on the top for a long time. So lots of respect for him.

How do you avoid fatigue or personal injury when playing?

GG Huhi – Nowadays, especially, I try to have a healthier diet and just work out more. I try walking or just basically not sitting down and doing something productive so that I am mentally and physically more healthy.

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