GOG won’t officially support Steam Deck

GOG won't officially support Steam Deck

It’s not surprise that Epic Games won’t support Valve’s upcoming handheld PC, however we learned GOG won’t officially support Steam Deck either – at least not officially.

“There’s no official GOG support for SteamDeck. But since the device has an open architecture, as we understand, you can install Windows and as such also run GOG games,” the company said in a tweet.

For those unfamiliar with Steam Deck, it will natively run Valve’s SteamOS by default – however it is a PC by nature and the initial reports and Valve themselves said you can pretty much do whatever with it.. even install Windows on it to run Steam on that instead.

While GOG won’t officially support Steam Deck, if you wiped the device once you got it and put Windows on it instead, you could run GOG on it that way. You could also theoretically use something like the open-source Lutris, which lets you launch GOG, Epic Games, and other storefronts on Linux (SteamOS is Linux based).

GOG is the digital store from Polish giant CD Projekt, and while their GOG Galaxy client is still being actively developed and expanded – there is fan demand and a wishlist page for a Linux client of GOG Galaxy. The storefront is also known for their panache to vehemently oppose DRM, or digital rights management, generally an anti-consumer practice that makes it harder to actually own your games over longer periods of time.

Valve’s Steam Deck is available for pre-order in three flavors: $399 (64GB), $529 (256GB), and $649 (512GB), over on the Steam store, and is set to launch on February 25th.

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