GOG: Thronebreaker Proved to Us “Maybe Exclusives Don’t Work”

The ongoing battle of exclusivity for games on Windows PC continues, and Polish digital PC store GOG has talked up their own attempt at exclusive games, and how they didn’t quite stand up to Steam’s global dominance.

“With Thronebreaker, we started with an exclusive, and decided to share it with a wider audience,” GOG global communications manager Marcin Traczyk said in an interview at this year’s Gamescom (via PCGamesN).

He added, “It proved to us that exclusives maybe don’t work for us, because we don’t want to limit the number of people who can access the game.” Despite this, CD Projekt is standing by GOG as a great platform to buy PC games through.

Traczyk said “we can see that if we have a good offer, and we openly communicate benefits from the users, we might convince them to get the game on our platform, and not on other platforms.”

GOG has a notoriously strict anti-DRM stance, and games purchased through their platform are DRM-free, as well.

“We were very happy to see how people reacted to our message, how people shared, and the amount of recommendations that appeared from people convincing their friends to buy on GOG. That was super exciting for us, and we were very happy and proud that people believed in us so much,” he said.

When asked on the Epic Store, Traczyk said “We always welcome competition, and as with every business, we are adapting on the go to the market situation, But at the same time with the solutions that we’re offering, we’re giving players the ability to choose.”

The company’s new GOG Galaxy 2.0 platform allows you to connect all your digital store purchases and games in one place, through one client. Traczyk hopes to allow users to connect their Epic Store purchases into GOG Galaxy, as well. “These talks are ongoing,” he said.



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