GOG Announces New “FCK DRM” Initiative

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Digital games distributor and store GOG.com has long-since been an advocate fighting against DRM, otherwise known as digital rights management.

While the subject of DRM is a hot-button issue, GOG has simply offered PC games purchased through their service without DRM of any kind, just like the good old days. Now, they’re taking things a step further.

The company has announced their new “FCK DRM” initiative, which despite this being purely a statement to spread awareness on how digital rights management works, it’s a pretty damn bold statement.

Here’s the blurb, from GOG:

DRM-free approach in games has been at the heart of GOG.COM from day one. We strongly believe that if you buy a game, it should be yours, and you can play it the way it’s convenient for you, and not how others want you to use it.

The landscape has changed since 2008, and today many people don’t realize what DRM even means. And still the DRM issue in games remains – you’re never sure when and why you can be blocked from accessing them. And it’s not only games that are affected, but your favourite books, music, movies and apps as well.

To help understand what DRM means, how it influences your games and other digital media, and what benefits come with DRM-free approach, we’re launching the FCK DRM initiative. The goal is to educate people and ignite a discussion about DRM. To learn more visit https://fckdrm.com, and share your opinions and stories about DRM and how it affects you.



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