Godus is Getting Early Access This Month

godus ss 1

Godus is Peter Molyneux’s latest creation where you can literally shape the entire world as a god while overseeing your populace as they progress through the various ages of humanity.

As you gain more followers, you gain more abilities as a god. With more faith from your followers, your influence spreads and you can slowly take over the world.

The kicker with Godus is that everything takes place on the same world, meaning you’ll always be able to encounter other players as long as you’re online. The world of Godus is procedurally generated, and it’s the size of Jupiter.

Below you can see an extremely detailed walkthrough of an early build of Godus, featuring Adam Sessler and Peter Molyneux:

In case you missed their kickstarter, the early access for Godus is opening up on September 13th via their Steam page.



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