Goddess of Victory: Nikke English subtitles criticized for calling Scarlet a “Swordsperson”

The popular Goddess of Victory: Nikke has been criticized for calling female character Scarlet a “swordsperson”, though, other instances in the game have been calling her a swordswoman.

A Twitter user drew attention to this odd translation choice, and also provided a translation for the original Korean:

One user alleged that the English dialogue calls her a “swordsman”, but the subtitles say “swordsperson”.

Another commenter claims that Scarlet was later called a swordsman:

Even more confusingly, the character’s bio calls her a swordswoman:

Considering all these factors, the one thing that can be gleaned is that the English translators seem to be inconsistent.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke can be played via PC or smartphones now.

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