Godaigo Daigo creator causes a stir with plan to cut out western translators

Godaigo Daigo

Kounosuke, the creator of the internet web-manga Godaigo Daigo has caused a bit of a stir online with plans to release their series in English.

Instead of asking for a translator or localizer for their work, they’ve asked their fans on Twitter for an editor. Using “machine translation” (MTL), the first part of Godaigo Daigo has already been released online.

Godaigo Daigo follows the life of the titular character who was among the first of the “Giant” heroes. Kaiju began regularly attacking Tokyo thirty years ago and now Daigo is forgotten by most of the city.

However it’s a rough life being a giant, who needs dozens of workers to feed and provide clothing for you. Luckily his manager Suzu Koganei is always thinking of the bottom line so Daigo can focus on keeping the people of the city safe, even if they don’t appreciate him like they used to.

You can read the machine translation of Godaigo Daigo here.

The creator’s decision to cut out traditional translators and localizers has caused a small stir among industry professionals. Some Twitter users have gone as far as to call the decision a “disservice to [the] work”.

Conversely, fans are skeptical of the intentions of localizers and have applauded the decision to use the combination of MTL and an editor in order to help cut out perceived “activist” localization.


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