Go Interstellar with Drifter from Celsius Games Studios

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Space is such an awe-inspiring place. A huge, vast universe of stars, planets, and space phenomena straight ot of the wildest of fantasies. The logic behind it is unfathomable, and it makes the perfect pace to go on an adventure. What that adventure is, peaceful or violent, exploring or criminal, is up to you. Welcome to Drifter from Celsius Game Studios.

Imagine getting into a starship and leaving Earth behind. You dismiss the wars, famine, and social conscription that has polluted Earth in search for a new, fascinating beginning. Now,  picture warping to an entirely new galaxy, thousands upon thousands of light years across, filled with millions of star systems. What you do next is entirely up to you, the player.

Drifter is described as a sandbox style game where the experiences is shaped entirely by choice. Players can make this a peaceful game through space trading, exploration, and ore mining asteroids. With a easy system to explore, the possibilities are simply endless Though, for every frontier, every one man;s quest for booty is different. On a frontier, there are rules and no order. While everyone wants their own share of the goods, it doesn’t mean you have to obey the law.

Space pirates are all about, plundering riches and destroying ships to  get them. Players can become bounty hunters, outfitting their ships with weapons, and intercept notorious space pirates for a reward. If none of that feels ok with the player, they can truly become the predator and destroy unarmed convoys filled with riches. It truly is the Wild West in another galaxy.

Drifter is coming to Steam, Linux, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita sometime in 2014. Check out their main website here and check out the music from Danny Baronowski.

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