Go Go Loser Ranger anime announced

Go Go Loser Ranger

An anime adaptation of Go Go Loser Ranger (Sentai Daishikkaku) has been officially announced. The manga series is published in English directly by Japanese publisher Kodansha.

Go Go Loser Ranger is a deconstruction of the Super Sentai genre (most commonly known in the west thanks to the Power Rangers franchise) and follows the story of a single Invader. Invaders are the nearly immortal followers of the alien “Executives” who invaded Earth years ago. After killing some of the Executives and ending the invasion, The Dragon Keepers chained the Invaders ship to the Earth and made a deal with them. Take part in a weekly show to boost their popularity, or die.

Invader D, one of the many invaders grows disillusioned of the arrangement and flees to the surface to infiltrate The Dragon Keepers organization and kill them. But some of the Executives yet live and after years of abandonment by their boss, D’s loyalty lies only with himself and his fellow Invaders.

You can check out the announcement trailer here.

A release date for Go Go Loser Ranger has yet to be announced.



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