Glorious PC Gaming Race changed its name over claims of racism

Glorious PC Gaming Race changed its name

Boutique tech company Glorious PC Gaming Race changed its name over perceived claims of racism, despite it originating over a popular meme.

Long associated with elite PC gaming enthusiasts, the “Glorious PC Gaming Master Race” became a meme to make fun of video reviewer Ben Croshaw, who started the joke in his Zero Punctuation videos.

As culture war ideology completely took hold of the modern internet, perceived claims of racism behind the meme began forming – mostly focusing on the “Master Race” bit of it, likening it to modern nazism. As such Glorious PC Gaming Race changed its name to just “Glorious.”

We’re happy to announce that we are officially rebranding from Glorious PC Gaming Race to simply GLORIOUS. Aside from the new name, we’re also changing our logo and other key elements of our public branding,” the company said in a new statement.

They added, “This may not come as a big shock since we’ve already been slowly rolling out this change over the past several months. You’ve likely noticed it incorporated into the GMMK 2, and you probably already call us “Glorious” anyway… But today it’s official!”

While Glorious PC Gaming Race changed its name, the Glorious PC Gaming Race Model I is the last gaming mouse to be released under their old branding, while new products like the GMMK 2 will have its new name and logo. Furthermore, the company will also be changing its top-level domain in the coming weeks, and existing products will be rebranded over “several years.”

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