Gloomhaven is coming to consoles, Jaws of the Lion expansion now available

Gloomhaven is coming to consoles

Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios announced Gloomhaven is coming to consoles, alongside releasing its new DLC.

While the companies announced Gloomhaven is coming to consoles in 2023, specific platforms weren’t confirmed at this time. Gloomhaven has been available since October 2021 on Windows PC and Mac via GOG and Steam.

“We’re excited to bring Gloomhaven to new players around the world with Saber Interactive. Partnerships like this are one of the great advantages we have available to us now as part of Embracer Group, and we look forward to tapping into even more opportunities to deliver for our fans in the future,” said Pierre Ortolan, CEO at Asmodee Digital.

“Our partnership on Gloomhaven embodies the very reason we brought Asmodee into the Embracer family,” said Matthew Karch, Saber Interactive CEO and co-founder and Embracer board member. “Games are truly a transmedia experience, and it’s amazing to have the opportunity to collaborate with the world’s best board game makers to bring their IP to consoles. This is the first of many announcements of its kind to come.”

While Gloomhaven is coming to consoles, the new Gloomhaven – Jaws of the Lion expansion was also released for the PC version of the popular dungeon crawling board game.

Much like its physical counterpart, this digital version of Jaws of the Lion adds a ton of new content to Gloomhaven. This new content includes the Demolitionist, Hatchet, Red Guard, and Voidwarden classes, 25 new story scenarios, 10 new enemies and bosses, 22 road events, 10 new items, and 24 new Battle Goals.

You can find a trailer for the console ports and for the expansion below:

Gloomhaven is coming to consoles

Jaws of the Lion DLC


You can find a rundown on the new DLC below:

The Jaws of the Lion DLC is the digital adaptation of the eponymous board game and expansion to Gloomhaven, the critically acclaimed grim Tactical RPG. Recruit four new mercenaries with unique gameplay and explore a previously hidden side of the city of Gloomhaven through an arching storyline filled with a plethora of new enemies and bosses.

The new campaign unlocks directly on Gloomhaven’s existing map once the core game’s second scenario is completed.

You can play with the four new mercenaries and items in both the Guildmaster and existing Gloomhaven game modes. Jaws of the Lion can be played Solo or in Co-op mode with up to four players.


You are one of the most infamous mercenary groups in this run-down backwater city of Gloomhaven. When a sinister cabal starts disappearing the less fortunate of the city, it somehow falls to you to get to the bottom of it….so long as you get paid for your trouble.

You will lead the stalwart Red Guard, the fearsome Hatchet, the explosive Demolitionist or the mysterious Voidwarden, each with their own unique and fully enhanceable ability and attack modifier decks. May your aim strike true but be prepared or you will face a grim fate.


  • 25 new scenarios, linked in a compelling and dark storyline leading you to the undercity of Gloomhaven.
  • 4 unique mercenaries, with widely differing playstyles.
  • 10 new enemies and bosses, from Zealots to Chaos Demons, test your mettle against their blades and teeth.
  • 22 road events full of tough choices.
  • 10 new items to help you survive a little longer against your foes.
  • 24 extra Battle Goals rewarding a wider range of mercenary behavior.

To access The Jaws of the Lion content in multiplayer co-op, every player will need to own the DLC.

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