Global Exhibition Champion’s Charizard Being Distributed to Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword Shield Gigantimax Charizard

The Pokemon Company have announced a distribution of the Global Exhibition Champion’s Charizard for Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now.


The Global Exhibition tournament (which can be watched here [1, 2]) came down to two trainers both using strategies based around setting up the sunny weather condition. Both used Groudon, Venusaur, Incineroar, and Charizard. However, Leonardo Bonanomi won out in the end.

As such, his Charizard is now being distributed to fans. As reported by Serebii, players have until November 3rd to enter GL0BALCHAMP2021 into the Mystery Gift function. The Charizard has perfect stats in all but Attack, and has a Timid Nature (granting more Speed at the cost of Attack).

While none of its normal moves have an Accuracy above 90, Dynamax Moves never miss. In addition to holding a Life Orb (increasing damage at the cost of losing some HP every time it attacks), this Charizard is built to Dynamax (or rather, Gigantimax) and hit hard. Even if other Pokemon Dynamax or its own Gigantimax runs out, it can still hit hard with moves like Heat Wave, Blast Burn, and Hurricane.

In earlier news, there is currently an ongoing event to give away a shiny Zacian and Zamazenta. While players can go to physical stores, there is a way to do so purely online.


Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available on Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our review here, our Isle of Armor expansion review here, and The Crown Tundra expansion review here.

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