Gigabyte Announces New 11th Gen Intel Laptops With 360Hz Monitors

Gigabyte has launched the Aorus 15P, 17G and the flagship 17X that uses 11th generation Intel processors. It features NVIDIA RTX 30 series with resizable BAR and Dynamic Boost 2.0

These laptops feature the new Intel 45W 8-core H-series processor which Gigabyte claims to be up to 25% faster than the previous mode, This laptop features an improved WINDFORCE infinity cooling design and the 17G features a 1080P 300Hz laptop panel for competitive gamers.

The Aorus 15P uses the same Intel i7 11700H which is an 8 core CPU and up to an RTX 3080 with either a 360Hz panel or a 240Hz panel for the cheaper one. It also uses an AORUS fusion keyboard that has per key backlight control, unlike the 17G and 17X which uses a mechanical RGB keyboard that uses OMRON switches. This laptop like the others features DDR3200MHJz a thunderbolt 4 port and PCIe 4.0 for faster SSD speeds and has an HDMI 2.1 which allows 4k 120Hz output or 1080P 240Hz.

The Aorus 17G is named after their co-operation with G2 eSports which they say they took feedback from players on how to make something built to satisfy the needs of professional players. This model uses Omron blue switches and they aim to have a shorter actuation point and faster input to assist players.

Finally we have the flagship model the Aorus 17X is a limited run and goes against the common trend of making gaming laptops thicker and lighter, and has put a premium on performance over sleekness which I find a nice change of pace. This laptop uses the Intel i9 11980K and an RTX  3080 and uses vapor chamber technology for the cooling, which tends to be quite expensive but is one of the best options for laptop cooling. They say it improves cooling by 37%. This one also features a 2.1 channel speaker with an ESS Sabre DAC so I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is sold at a premium.

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Source: Gigabyte (via email)

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