Ghostwire: Tokyo English subs quietly remove “all property is theft” line

Ghostwire: Tokyo

An improperly translated line in the English subs for Ghostwire: Tokyo has been fixed, omitting the socialist quote that had nothing to do with the original Japanese.

Back when Ghostwire: Tokyo launched, numerous users on social media noted the English subtitles in the game improperly translated a line, instead inserting a popular socialist slogan “all property is theft”.

Here’s a look at the original context and subtitles:

This is not what the audible Japanese said, which was “saa, dou darou na?”, and roughly translates to “well, I’m not sure.”

A more recent playthrough of the game on YouTube (6 months ago) revealed that the line was indeed retranslated to match the meaning of the audible Japanese (51:28 into the video):

Reading through the game’s history of patch notes, there doesn’t seem to be an entry indicating the translation had been changed, so it is possible that the change was done discreetly to avoid criticism.

Checking around the internet, the earliest comment that can seem to be found on the line being retranslated dates back to April 2023, so it’s likely the retranslation was somewhere around or before that date.

Ghostwire: Tokyo has been available for Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. Check out our thorough review!


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