Ghostrunner Expansion Project_Hel Launches January 2022; Private Beta This Year

Ghostrunner Project_Hel Expansion

505 Games have announced the Project_Hel expansion for cyberpunk first-person parkour action game Ghostrunner

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As previously reported, the game’s cyberpunk dystopian setting has the last remnants of humanity living in a megastructure- Dharma Tower. You play as a cybernetically-enhanced assassin on a quest to ascend the tower, slay Dharma’s tyrannical leader Mara the Keymaster, and get your revenge.

The game’s combat system is based around one-hit kills with your deadly katana. This goes both ways, as enemies can kill you in one shot as well. Use your agility to jump around each level, run up walls, and swing off hanging wires to get in close to your attackers.


The press release (via email) states that Project_Hel will launch January 27th, 2022 for $14.99 USD (€14,99 EUR, £12.49 GBP). A private beta begins later this year, and sign-up are available now.

While the expansion was originally planned as a smaller piece of DLC, it has now become something far greater. Players control the titular Hel, one of Ghostrunner‘s bosses, descending from Dharma Tower on her own bloody quest.

Appealing to new players and veterans, Hel’s quest is more focused on combat, and she is able to survive an additional attack compared to the Ghostrunner. Hel can run on walls, soar though neon cityscapes, and slice through six levels set to music by electronic musician Daniel Deluxe.

Players will also find Hel has her own ability progression system, and new enemies and enemies to use them against. Those participating in the aforementioned private beta will be included in Project_Hel’s credits. You can find the prior teaser trailer below.


In addition, players can embrace festive cheer with a free new cosmetic Holiday pack for Ghostrunner on December 7th. This will include the Rudolph’s Run and Boon sword skins, the Solstice katana, Nini Wonderland blade; and their matching gloves.

Ghostrunner is available on Windows PC (via GamersGate, the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Amazon Luna.

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