Ghost Is an Upcoming Sci-Fi Metroidvania About Possessing Robots

Francisco Téllez, the game developer behind Unepic, has revealed his next game. Aptly named Ghost, the player controls the homonymous cyber agent with the ability of possessing and remote controlling robots. Together with the duo of hackers that hired her, Ghost must infiltrate the Nakamura Space Station and steal the hi-tech secrets it guards.

Not deviating from the Metroidvania genre, Ghost will have a sprawling station with several hidden rooms and items to look for, bosses to defeat, weapons to collect and a skill tree system to personalize your character. To mention is the fact the player can detach from her android body and possess other robots, allowing to use them for fighting or solving puzzles.

Ghost release date is 11 July, 2016. You can read more info about the game on Steam.


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