Ghost Recon Breakpoint E3 2019 Hands-on Preview

At this year’s E3 I had the chance to do an extended hands-on preview for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the eleventh installment in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise. The game is set for a release later this year, and has quite a lot of promise behind it.

Breakpoint is sequel to Ghost Recon Wildlands, and it definitely feels like it. It feels like a lot of the same, albeit a somewhat different experience that I have come to expect from Ubisoft. During our mission we ran into a few technical issues, and some communication problems.

My demo of Ghost Recon Breakpoint was a less than ideal situation. I had to play with three other people, two of which were not very familiar with the Ghost Recon games and therefore spent their time figuring out what to do.

Despite half of our team fiddling with the controls, I was being a good boy and mowed down enemies with my LMG without a care in the world. I only mention this because my time with the demo was a bit skewed by my experience and it did not have anything to do with the game itself.

In the end we were successful in bringing down a handful, and I do mean a handful, of para-military baddies. I can already tell from my time with Breakpoint that if you were a fan of Wildlands then you will have very little complaints with this game.

We started out on the top of a mountain, each of us filling a particular role. The Ubisoft developer and I were the heavy weapons duo, while the others were snipers. We made our way down the mountain and saw an enemy patrol walking down the road.

The Ubisoft dev tagged the hostiles and we attempted to line up and prepare to take a shot at the same time to take them down without setting off any alarms.

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful and a small firefight broke out. I was lying prone in the mud, using it to camouflage myself as I took careful shots with my LMG, while the others were a bit more frantic to get right into the action.

Eventually, we killed the patrol, and eliminated any reinforcements sent to back them up. We made our way to a compound where we pulled out our drones to try and tag as many hostiles as possible.

It was largely left up to me as the two other people with me were either ignoring how to pull out the drone or were just not interested in following directions and ran in just to get shot.

After I tagged as many as I could, I ran to catch up with them and try to save my teammate who was lying dying on the ground in front of a drone with a turret on it.

After we finished up the last of the hostiles, we made our way into the building and watched a series of cutscenes detailing a piece of the game’s overall story.

The game then shifted to a flashback showing the main character and Jon Bernthal’s characters working together to take out some terrorists.

While my time with the demo itself was not pleasant, none of my issues were from the game itself. If anything, it had reaffirmed me that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be the perfect game to play with friends when it releases.

Despite bad teammates dampening my experience, I look forward to many hours of tactical co-op action later this year when Ghost Recon Breakpoint releases. The game has a lot of promise and will definitely provide a fantastic co-op experience.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is launching across Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 4th.

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