Ghost n’ Goblins Online on Steam Greenlight for a Second

So a massively multiplayer version of  Ghosts n’ Goblins has existed for a while. For one glorious moment, it looked like an English release was imminent. It isn’t.

Impressively, the game manages to maintain much about what made Ghost n’ Goblins an instant classic two decades ago. It’s basically a side-scrolling  action game you can play with your friends over the internet that looks, feels, and sounds like Ghost n’ Goblins . It has 1v1 and 3v3  PVP too!

The Steam Greenlight page featured impressive looking English language trailers and everything. Apparently, this was all some sort of terrible mistake. Capcom would like to assure it’s customers that the game has been pulled from Steam, and that they shall resume their usual business practice, not releasing games people actually want, going forward.

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