Ghost in the Shell new anime announced by Science Saru

New Ghost in the Shell

A new Ghost in the Shell anime has been announced, though fans will have to wait as it won’t release for awhile.

The new anime, simply called The Ghost in the Shell, is the newest installment for the franchise since 2020’s Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 and won’t launch until 2026.

The anime will be a collaboration between Science Saru, which created the animated adaptation of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, and longtime Ghost in the Shell producer Production I.G.

No details beside a trailer and poster (pictured above), depicting protagonist Motoko Kusunagi sitting on a Tachikoma robot, were released. Here’s a look at the trailer:

Ghost in the Shell was first serialized by Masamune Shirow in 1989 in Kodansha magazine. In 1995, an animated film was released with Mamoru Oshii as director, along with television anime Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, Ghost in the Shell Arise, and Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045. The series also spawned numerous games and manga and even has a live action American remake released in 2017.



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