Getting Into the Sandbox: Albion Online Tips for Beginners

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Finally, Albion has come out of open beta, and the full version is up and running. Well, if you haven’t played the game, now’s the time to experiment with this true open-world sandbox MMO. Since you’re here, perhaps you seek tips to get the wheels going, or to get some fine tuning. Without further ado, here are some fundamental tips that don’t require Albion Gold and Silver to get started.

In Need of An Interface-Lift

Let’s begin with the basics: UI. Adjusting your UI for better visibility is a big help. Resize the chat box by clicking on the gear icon on the upper-left side of the chat box window. You’ll have the choice to unlock the window and adjust it according to your preferred size.

Another UI adjustment that’s helpful, especially if you’re a long-time MMORPG player, is the option to put your abilities at the bottom of the screen instead of the fame progression bar. Simply go to the settings, and click on the checkbox for “Spells at the Bottom of the Screen.” Lastly, if you’re a PC player who doesn’t need a big HUD, go to the settings and select the check box for “Smaller HUD.”

Same Gear, Higher Number

If you’ve played mobile MMOs before, then you’re probably familiar with Item Power: the numerical index of how optimal your equipment is. Albion Online also has that feature. The Item Power system serves as a guide. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to consider a particular gear as stellar despite it having the attributes that you desire.

Don’t worry; you can keep the gear you want without sacrificing Item Power by increasing the Item Power of the item in question. Utilize the Reroll feature in the center of every town. Keep in mind that there’s a slight chance that the item’s quality could grow, which increases the Item Power. Another way to generate your gear’s Item Power is by leveling up another item from the same path in the Destiny Board. It will raise the Item Power of the gear you want.

Spending Your Learning Points Wisely

Since we’re already talking about the Destiny Board, here’s a good way to use your Learning Points: Weapon and Gear Progression. Why? Well, it’s easy to gain fame by crafting and gathering rather than grinding for weapons and gear, which is rather slow.

Joining a Guild: Taxation Isn’t Theft

As for the social aspect of Albion Online, joining a guild is a large aid, or even a must. With a guild, you’re able to progress faster and conveniently. It’s also a reliable way to learn more about the game and certain mechanics, especially advanced ones. You can ask your guild or your guildmates will teach you some stuff.

Depending on your choice, you’ll either join a guild with a guild tax, which you have to pay with Albion Silver, or one that doesn’t tax. At first glance, it may seem like a no-brainer to go for the latter. However, members of guilds that have a guild tax enjoy certain benefits. In fact, what they receive is worth more than the Albion Online Silver that they give.

With these tips, your Albion Online experience could be less frustrating and more enjoyable. Now go, log in and put these tips to the test.


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