Get All Choked Up on this Debut Trailer for Square’s Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Every damn time I hear that Final Fantasy theme, especially to the visuals/gameplay of older games within the series, I get all choked up inside. This is something Square Enix knows, and it’s something that essentially keeps printing money for them.

You can get a blast from (hopefully) your past with the debut trailer for Final Fantasy Record Keeper, a game we originally reported on last month. The first half of the trailer itself consists of pure nostalgia, while the latter half is actual gameplay for the smartphone bound, retro mashup of various games within the series.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper still doesn’t have a release date, but for now you can oogle its newly opened website, here.




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  1. Phelan
    August 8, 2014 at 8:59 am

    I will be brutal…

    Sorry I don’t consider using games we love as a good idea. To me it is pure whoring from Square Enix side, they don’t make good games anymore. Not as many as they did in the past. And they exactly know it, that’s why they are whoring by releasing over and over again ports for mobile phones and games that aims to milk fan’s love to old titles.

    That’s whoring which I personaly hate. Just check their official blog, most of recent news are information about porting yet another game to yet another mobile phone. And what we are supposed to do with it? I am fan that was with them since 90′, I own already most of their games, I loved them. I bought even SNES to play Secret of Mana… And what do they do? They are aiming toward only new customers who didn’t play those games.

    They are whoring because they know exactly that with low cost they can make yet another thing which people will buy just out of nostalgia. It is easy way for them, much easier than making games. Much easier than making reational decisions. Much easier than releasing Drakengard 3 in EU, much easier than making Type-0 for Vita.

    Square Soft acts now like old whore, who tries to use charms which she had when she was much much younger. That’s my opinion, you can agree with it or not… up to you.

    EDIT: oh and what’s even more funny… they concentrated so much on making games for mobile phones that even PORT from mobile phones to Vita will be done by 3rd party studio. (bullets)