Get a Closer Look at Star Ocean 5’s Characters, Battles, and Story

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We’ve gotten a closer look at the recently unveiled Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness, via an online preview over on Famitsu.

First up, it’s the game’s core story:

The deep black of space won’t allow mankind to live in peace-

It’s been a few centuries since humans have left Earth, and the population that has survived many hardships, only to come out and create the “Galactic Federation” in the hopes of bringing everyone in check, and peace.

Unfortunately, war is encroaching in their new world.

The planet “Feycreed” is an unsettled world, situation over 6000 light-years from Earth. Just like before, the tides of history shall reach a new planet.

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We also got another look at the two main characters, Fidel and Miki:

Fidel Camus:

star ocean 5 04-16-15-2Fidel has inherited most of his swordsmanship from his father, who was the most recognized name in all of Reslia Kingdom. As a new war erupts, Fidel makes use of his talents to defend his hometown.

Miki Sorvesta:

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Miki is a childhood friend of Fidel, and she cherishes him like an older brother. Although she has a childish and cute appearance when near Fidel, she is known to behave accordingly when necessary. A rarity in Starl Village, she also has inert healing powers.

The largest continent on the planet is known as “Vesteel,” where half of the entire human population lives. The Reslia Kingdom has known peace and prosperity for over 300 years under the royal family, although recently the “Seven Years of Darkness” have brought unrest to the land.

Starl Village is where Fidel and Miki grew up together, and currently live. The small village is situated in the souther region of Reslia Kingdom, and the new conflict has even affected their lives. Although technology and culture in Feycreed is described as being from the 15th and 16th century in historical Earth, there is curious magic that is used everywhere, in every day life.

Starl is known for harnessing wind power as an alternative source of energy, however it’s predominantly a hamlet filled with fisherman. Featured above, you can see a shot of both Miki and Fidel gazing upon the landscape, although Miki has no romantic interest in Fidel.

The battles in game are described as being seamless, and in real-time. Sometimes events will switch right into battles, making it a more exhilarating transition. You can read more about the battle system in our follow-up report, here.

A battle is shown with Fidel and an unknown blonde-haired swordsman, and the situation looks rough. You can also see Miki and Fdel defending the town of Starl from invaders.

In case you missed it, we previously translated interviews with both Miki and Fidel’s voice actors, which you can read about here.

Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is currently in development for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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