Genshin Impact update 3.1 now available

Genshin Impact

HoYoverse have released update 3.1 for their popular gacha action-RPG, Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact‘s update 3.1 “King Deshret and the Three Magi” continues the game’s expedition deeper into the new Sumeru region. The 3.0 update introduced Sumeru’s lush tropical rainforests, and now players can explore the scorching desert to the west, home to many ruins from forgotten civilizations. Expect loads of new areas to explore full of puzzles, chests, new enemies, and two new boss encounters.

Update 3.1 also continues the ongoing Archon Quest, with the Fatui making more moves in Sumeru. Players will get to formally meet the Fatui Harbinger Dottore, and will finally be able to fight Scaramouche in a new weekly boss domain.

Update 3.1 features 3 brand new characters, with the first two being available now. Cyno is a 5-star Electro character that fights using polearms. The General Mahamatra Cyno is the head of the Matra, a secretive organization of enforcers that serve the Akademiya. Their job is to arrest any ambitious researchers that get too carried away with their studies by breaking regulations or delving into forbidden research.

Meanwhile, Candace is a 4-star Hydro character that also fights with a polearm. Much like Cyno, she is also an enforcer of law and order, though she does so as the Guardian of Aaru Village. This humble settlement is the last piece of civilization before Travelers enter Sumeru’s desolate desert.

Cyno and Candace are available in Genshin Impact‘s first round of limited time character banners for 3.1, along with the 4-star characters Sayu and Kuki. Alternatively, players can wish for Venti, who has received another rerun banner alongside Cyno. Nilou will make her debut in the second set of banners in 3.1.

You can find some trailers showing off Cyno and Candace below.

The first character banners of 3.1 are accompanied by a new Epitome Invocation weapon banner that showcases Elegy for the End and the brand new 5-star polearm Staff of the Scarlet Sands.

Update 3.1 isn’t all about Sumeru, however. Players can also participate in Mondstadt’s annual Weinlesefest, a celebration of the City of Freedom’s world renowned wine industry. Like most of these seasonal celebrations in Genshin Impact, players will be able to participate in a variety of minigames to win valuable rewards like Primogems and upgrade materials. Weinlesefest also features new story quests that delve more into Razor’s background.

Genshin Impact is available and free-to-play on Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store and official website), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, AndroidiOS, and coming soon to Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our Genshin Impact review here (we recommend it!).

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