Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates Has All-Girl Cast, Options to Grow or Shrink Breasts

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We’ve gotten some new details for the recently confirmed Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates from this week’s Famitsu (via Hachima).

Genkai Tokki series producer Norihisa Kochiwa talked up the game in an interview with the magazine. Compile Heart decided to make the game a pirate RPG because of their collaboration with studio Felistella, whose prowess helped create the Neptunia series.

For those hoping there will be male eye-candy, Kochiwa confirmed the game is a girls-only adventure. “We decided to focus on the soft breasts of women,” said Kochiwa. As for how many girls – there will be seven female main characters, with “many” monster girls appearing. According to Kochiwa, some monster girls are particularly “lively” when rendered in 3D.

Here’s one of the more interesting tidbits of the game: pai-raising, or breast growing. Girls will be faced with their own breasts, and they’ll grow by simply rubbing them. Rubbing the girls breasts will increase their status.

You’ll have the choice of growing them larger, or making them smaller, with larger breasts giving higher attack and defense, and smaller breasts adding speed. Kochiwa reassures fans that it’s not all simply about sex appeal – they’re working on gameplay content to back it up.

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is currently in development for PS Vita, and will launch sometime this summer in Japan.

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