Gay Furry Hackers breach Project 2025’s Heritage Foundation

SiegedSec Heritage Foundation

SiegedSec, a group of self-proclaimed “gay, furry, hackers” breached the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank known for their Project 2025 “blueprint”.

SiegedSec made headlines last year by hacking into systems owned by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The hacking group teased the leak yesterday, leading to a swift suspension of their Twitter account; according to Daily Dot, the leak contains email addresses and IP addresses belonging to users who commented on Daily Signal articles. Daily Signal is the media arm of the Heritage Foundation.

Earlier today, a chat between SiegedSec member “vio” and Mike Howell from the Heritage Foundation was leaked and Howell himself confirmed the authenticity of the log.

You can read the full chatlog here.

Vio claimed the organization hacked the Heritage Foundation in opposition to the group’s Project 2025, a set of political positions that the foundation considers a blueprint for the future of the Republican Party but has not been endorsed by Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Meanwhile throughout the chat, Howell makes threats that members of SiegedSec will be found and prosecuted, all the while calling them “degenerates”. Of course vio responds with a simple “whats ur opinion on vore”?

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