Gamers are hesitant to adopt Windows 11, according to Steam survey

Gamers are hesitant to adopt Windows 11

A new Steam survey is suggesting gamers are hesitant to adopt Windows 11, just like there was some hesitation to upgrade to Windows 10.

March’s Steam Hardware Survey shows only a 1.25% increase of Windows 11 operating system installations since February. For comparison, seven months after Windows 10 launched Steam users reported an increase of over 30%. Linux and MacOS still sit under 5% of reported users.

While gamers are hesitant to adopt Windows 11, as with any major OS release we recommend you wait before upgrading to Windows 11 for the time being – to avoid any potential hassle with compatibility like when Windows 8 and eventually Windows 10 were rolled out.

As far as GPU’s are concerned, NVIDA is still dominating with over 75% of the reported user’s having an NVIDA card, with the GeForce GTX 1060 being the most popular. AMD cards come in at a far second at just over 14% of all users, with the most popular AMD card being the RX 580.

Intel is the most used CPU on the platform at just over 69%, followed by AMD at 30% – the latter of which is down a little over 1% since November.

For our readers that are looking to upgrade to Windows 11 right now though, we prepped a rundown on what you should do to make your your machine is ready for the upgrade – you can read that guide here. We also talked up whether or not gamers should upgrade to Windows 11 – you can read our thoughts on that here.

You can view Steams Hardware and Software Survey here. Steam publishes the survey results every month and the information gathered is to help make decisions on what products to offer.

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