Gamer Hits Level 100 On Playstation Network

As if you needed to feel anymore insecure about your paltry gaming achievements, a dedicated gamer by the name of “Hakoom” has become the first to hit the level cap (100) on Playstation Network. If you wish to join in the celebration, or like others you wish to pick on him for his admirable level of skill and focus, you can do so by browsing his twitter feed.

Supposedly the cap remains locked at 100 and there is no way to score higher than that. Whether Sony raises it soon to accommodate Hakoom or keeps it at this level is anyone’s guess. Regardless, the ball is now in Sony’s court.

This is similar to the story involving Xbox Live’s (in)famous Stallion83 who owns the highest gamerscore on Microsoft’s service. Though Stallion has yet to hit the coveted 1 million mark.

Can you beat them to it?



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