Gameplay, activities and events in Destiny 2

When you start playing Destiny 2 from Bungie, you will immediately immerse yourself in a Fantasy MMO network in the shooter genre, which is aimed at exploring space, fighting and skirmishing with aliens that have invaded your native land, clearing dangerous areas and completing quest tasks that will guide the player through a narrative, telling the story of the entire world of Destiny 2, which continues and is supplemented.

Main characters

Destiny 2 is based on the concept of three characters, from which you have to make a choice.

  • Titan
  • Warlock
  • Hunter



Defensive class and vanguard of any attack, equipped with ranged weapons and can use a shield. Outwardly, a very formidable and impressive character in armor, who at any moment can hit the ground with his steel fists and overturn all the enemies around. The shield helps him to hold back the onslaught of enemies and allows allies to act and attack without fear of receiving increased damage, or direct attacks.



This is a shooter class that players use in a variety of ways due to its multitasking ability. Warlock is a full-fledged magician in the fantasy setting of the future, who, in addition to small arms, can use his skills to attack enemies, or vice versa to protect allies. If you follow the path of attack, then mass skills will become available to you, causing damage to all enemies at once if they are applied at a sufficiently close distance to each other. If you take the path of defense, you will still retain your shooting potential when using weapons, but your magic will be aimed at support and healing, and not chaos and destruction. You will be able to create special wells – game zones in which all allies will receive treatment and regeneration, strengthening their skills.



The most popular class of all in Destiny 2.

It has the ability to effectively attack from a long distance and in close combat. Can use weapons and daggers, has skills in disguise. The class is used in raids and PVP to deal damage as long as allies provide it with all the conditions. In the Trial of Osiris battles against other players, where players farm victories in a row to get legendary equipment, the hunter is revealed to the fullest. Your task is to eliminate the enemies and take the pressure off your tank and support warlock by interacting with the attacking warlock or another hunter. Don’t forget the daggers, but try not to bring the situation to melee – Destiny 2 is about shooting, not knife fighting.


Leveling and development

When you start your game path and choose your main character, then you have to start developing it. This is necessary to master all the most interesting content that was prepared by game developers, which will grow in its difficulty, but also in its interest for the players. You can follow the quest system, grind, strikes and raids, or order destiny 2 boost to quickly reach the maximum level and go to explore Neptune – a new planet discovered in the Lightfall update in Destiny 2, by the way, new raids have been added.

  • Quests
  • Grind
  • Strikes and raids


Players get an interesting story-driven narrative that quickly develops by immersing players in interesting gameplay and allowing them to earn glimmers, experience and equipment and weapons. Developers get a playful way to teach gamers the basic mechanics of their project and slowly instill in them the habit of regularly and correctly using all the capabilities of the character and Destiny 2 itself and inventing new tactics and strategies based on the existing canons proposed by Bungie. Quests can be divided into main, they are also plot and secondary, which can be found throughout Destiny 2, but the reward for completing them can be absolutely anything. In the case of accelerated pumping, you can take all types of tasks that you come across on the way, regardless of the reward, if they are all completed in the same territory, then you will do story missions and in parallel receive additional rewards, experience and glimmers – Destiny 2 currency.


Grind implies complete freedom of action from system orders, provided that the player knows the locations well and the best ways to pump. You just come to the game territory, which is inhabited by monsters and start destroying them systematically, controlling the increase in experience and glimmers. The closer your game level is to the monsters, the more effective the final pumping will be. You need to be able to understand the effectiveness correctly and in time, and move on so that the development of the character goes according to plan. Grind is suitable for those types of characters who are able to either quickly kill targets one at a time, or be able to gather enemies into separate groups and destroy them en masse, in other words, quickly and efficiently deal with monsters. If the game class, or the way the player himself plays does not allow him to quickly kill monsters or has poor mobility, then it is better to fully concentrate on leveling the game through quests, where everything will happen systematically and quickly relative to the grind 

Strikes and raids

Gradually, with the development of the character, you will discover a new context for yourself – a battle with large monsters and bosses. Such enemies live in separate locations, and you need to go into their lair alone or with a combat group to fight them.

You should take into account that the boss is not a simple monster. He will use increased attack, mobility, will have high defense and health indicators and use strong and decisive skills in order to be able to completely fail your campaign at any time by killing the entire group. Raids will definitely be extremely difficult to go solo and even if you keep up the pace, it will take too long to farm without proper equipment, and this time could be spent more efficiently.

Strikes are easier as it is a weaker version of the raid where you fight bosses in a group of up to three people, and you can always go into battle alone. As a reward, raids and strikes bring a lot of game experience and random equipment and weapons depending on the chosen level of the dungeon and its difficulty.

Raids can be Normal, Heroic, and Mythic, which are unlocked in a playthrough sequence and bring really valuable rewards that are worth the effort.


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