Gamebanana forces Fire Emblem Engage uncensored patch to be censored again

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Fire Emblem Engage’s English localization drew backlash from fans where the English script removed numerous instances of romance, among other things, in the game.

Most notable changes pointed out included lines changed to S-supports with other characters with protagonist Alear, their wakeup dialogue to them, and even some supports between other characters.

This lead to a fan creating an uncensored patch for Fire Emblem Engage to restore known dialogue changes, which they have hosted on Gamebanana. However, it appears that certain changes were considered too much for the admins to allow.

With the recent 1.2 update for this mod, creator cris1010 stated that they had to remove the s-support and wakeup changes for characters Ana and Jean, likely due to their ages.

They attempted to counter the decision, but were faced with the site’s R.13 which states, “content may be withheld or trashed and members gagged or banned at the sole discretion of top level site admins”.

So with no chance of being able to post the fully uncensored mod on Gamebanana, they have kept the modified version on the site while posting the original uncensored one on Loverslab. That other site then promptly removed the mod in its entirety.

Since then, users have managed to obtained the original uncensored patch and have shared via various links. They can be found on Twitter, but as there is no guarantee on the safety of such links, they will not be linked here in this article.

Fire Emblem Engage is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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