Game Freak Reveals Collaboration, and it Sure Isn’t Pokemon

Last week Game Freak published a teaser site hinting at an upcoming collaboration. Read our story here.

Some fans had their fingers crossed for an open world Pokemon game, but those fans should take a few steps back because Game Freaks collaboration has been revealed and it is… Soliti Horse.


That’s right fans. Soliti Horse. It appears Game Freak’s new game is a mix between solitaire and horse racing. Players will switch between racing horses and playing cards. When the player plays certain cards, their horses performance in the race will improve.

If you just cant wait to get your hands on Soliti Horse, fear not. The game will be available next week on the Japanese 3DS shop, so expect it soon. Unfortunately Game Freak shows no signs of Soliti Horse coming to the US. Who else is bummed out?

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