Game Freak Holding Japanese Contest to Name a Move in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Nintendo and Game Freak are hosting a contest for Japanese fans to name “the strongest Steel-Type move” in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

The contest will be announced via the May 2019 issue of Coro Coro Comic (via ryokutya2089), which has leaked early ahead of its April 15th release. Japanese fans can send in their attack names to Coro Coro Comic before May 10th.

The names can use hiragana, katakana, the Roman alphabet and numbers within eight characters. The winner will receive both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, while 20 runners-up will get either one.

The attack itself is a special attack with 140 BP (Base Power). While this deals big damage, the user loses half its HP. For comparison, the strongest special Steel-type move currently is Flash Cannon (80 BP); not including Doom Desire (140 BP, hitting two turns after it is used) which is only known by the event-only Pokemon Jirachi. Other 140 BP and higher moves tend to be exclusive to legendary Pokemon, or have a downside (such as Hyper Beam and Explosion). No information on what the move looks like or who can learn it is available at this time.

What do you think? What would you call this powerful move? Sound off in the comments below!

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will launch 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

Editor’s Note: Image via Pokemon Trading Card Game promotional art

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