Game Creators of Biography: Yoko Taro Biographical Manga Begins February 21

Game Creators of Biography: Yoko Taro

A biographical manga based on the life of Nier and Drakengard creator Yoko Taro has been announced; as part of the Game Creators of Biography series.

DualShockers reports that Kenji Yoshida has been drawing the 真説ゲームクリエイター伝 manga series; roughly The True Story of Game Creators (translation: DeepL), though prior English releases have been called Game Creators of Biography. Now, his next work has been announced as focusing on the life of Yoko Taro.

Nier series producer Yosuke Saito discussed more of the manga during a Nier Reincarnation livestream. He reportedly stated the manga was based on Taro’s own words in an interview he gave specifically for the manga; and will feature stories of his life from being a student onwards.

Taro himself stated on Twitter “It seems like my life is getting a manga adaptation (Saying it like I’m unconcerned). By the way, NieR Automata‘s character designer Akihiko Yoshida was also featured in this manga series in the past so please follow the link below.” (translation: DualShockers, adjusted)

Game Creators of Biography: Yoko Taro will be serialized February 21st, and can be partially read via Cycomi, and fully read via the Cycomi app.

Taro’s first job after university was a 3D CGI designer for Namco, later joining second party Sony Computer Entertainment developer Sugar & Rockets Inc. in 1999. After the developer was consolidated into Sony, he joined Cavia and created Drakengard.

He also has a well known hatred of interviews. On different occasions he has stated this was born of his feeling that most interviews feature subjects that are boring, developers not being entertainments or commentators on their own work, and that creators should not show their faces.

Deciding to be different, this lead to him famously wearing a mask during interviews- based on one of the characters from Nier [1, 2]. This also allows him to be able to speak openly on his opinions [1, 2]; as fans deserve honest answers. This honesty and charming weirdness has endeared him to fans; such as openly asking to be sent lewd fan art of 2B from Nier Automata.

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