GalaxyTrail to Publish Action-Puzzle Game Petal Crash if Fully Funded on Kickstarter

GalaxyTrail (Freedom PlanetFreedom Planet 2, and Grapple Force Rena) have announced they will publish action-puzzle game Petal Crash, should the game be successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Developed by Tim Jenkins (who also created Grapple Force Rena), the game sees you push colored blocks into others. Matching a set of blocks causes adjacent blocks to launch across the screen- hopefully into other blocks to create chain-reactions.

The game will support solo play, CPU and PvP Versus matches, puzzle mode (with the ability to create and share your own puzzles), and a story mode. The game’s art-style also evokes Game Boy-style visuals, and puzzle games of the 90s.

While the project is currently on Kickstarter, the project is purportedly “already very far along, with many of the modes fully playable! But it needs a bit of help to make it across the finish line.” 50% of funds will go the game’s music (written by Michael Staple who also did the soundtrack for Grapple Force Rena), with the remainder going to other collaborators, rewards & “buffer zone” (for unforseen costs), and Kickstarter’s fees.

The project is seeking $8,500 within the next 29 days. As of this time of writing has raised $2678.02 from 87 backers. Backer rewards include sticker sheets, a poster, and early access to the game.

During the GalaxyTrail Mix 2019 video (detailing upcoming GalaxyTrail projects including Freedom Planet 2), Developer Stephen Diduro revealed that GalaxyTrail would publish the game on Steam and Google Play, pending a successful Kickstarter campaign. Should that be the case, Petal Crash will release in Spring 2020.

The video also showed off the gameplay. Along with matching blocks, new blocks spawn as you make moves- not based on the timer. As such, you can skip your action to cause blocks to appear faster.

We will keep you updated as we learn more.

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