Superior hands-on preview – a fun co-op shooter with Borderlands style


The last of our PAX West 2022 coverage is drawing near; three of the last titles we will be covering are Gala Games Spider Tanks, Last Expedition, and Superior.

After the show floor closed on Sunday, we met with Gala Games for a little mixer. At the event, guests were encouraged to socialize, drink, eat, and even play demos of Gala Games upcoming games. Although Gala Games is regarded as a Crypto & NFT company, no mention of Crypto or NFTs was mentioned during the mixer.

The primary focus of the Gala Games’ mixer was to preview their upcoming games Superior, Spider Tanks, and Last Expedition. Each gaming station featured Alienware Laptops and Logitech mice and headphones. This preview is focused on Superior, Gala Games’ co-op, roguelite, third-person shooter where all the superheroes have turned into evil abominations:

Superior hands-on

When we first dove into Superior, we were given the option to use either a keyboard and mouse or a controller. For the first run, we used a keyboard and mouse. Trying to kill rushing enemies when you are not used to the controls or the setup is a challenge for most players.

Rather than being cautious, our friend Andrew rushed the enemies and was downed. Playing the safe game, we decided to sit back and snipe til the coast was clear; little did we know that if an ally dies that the run can end.

When we went into the second run, we decided to be more practical and logical. We each chose a character we felt would compliment our play styles while choosing abilities that would help us with our play style.

Rather than using a keyboard and mouse, I decided to switch over to control to see how the mechanics differed. As primarily a console player, the controller felt more comfortable. Playing on a controller, it definitely felt like there was aim assist.

Like in the previous round, our teammate went down, thankfully, we had a second player this time to help us revive him and clear out enemies. Combat becomes increasingly more difficult while progressing through levels. Thankfully, power-ups can be found throughout the level. Sadly, despite being better prepared we still lost to an ally bleed-out.

On our third and final run, we were able to get further than we had before. Each of us was able to figure out a play style we liked that complimented the others. This final run made it easier to clear lesser enemies and make it through the levels.

Our ultimate downfall was when we had to protect the area while data was being uploaded. With three players in the game, it made it easier to revive one another but defending such a narrow space made things uncomfortable, especially with a sniper rifle involved.

Superior final thoughts

As someone who enjoys first-person shooters, Superior did a great job catching my interest. Although I prefer a controller over a mouse and keyboard, both setups made it easy for the player to play the game.

The art doesn’t match the status quo and that makes the game stand out even more; in a way, the game reminds us of Borderlands with its art style, FPS elements, and over-the-topness. This is one game I will be keeping an eye on until it’s officially released.

Claiming a Superior Alpha Key

Gala Games has partnered with Alienware to distribute Alpha Keys for Superior. The Alpha started on September 26th and will be available until October 4th.

  1. Create an account at Alienware Arena and log in, or log in with your existing Alienware Arena account.
  2. Choose the GET KEY button below the awesome new official Superior trailer.
  3. Download or load the Epic Launcher.
  4. log in to your Epic account.
  5. Click on your profile image in the top right.
  6. Select Redeem Code and enter your code.
  7. Hunt some superheroes.

Would you consider checking out Superior based on the game’s description and our experiences? Let us know in the comments down below.

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