Gabe Newell Has Larger Net Worth than Oprah, Donald Trump

Many gamers and enthusiasts alike have assumed that Valve Corporation co-founder and president Gabe Newell is probably absurdly rich. Like, swims in a pool of cash a-la Scrooge McDuck rich. It seems like speculation was spot on, according to the newly published richest people in America list.

In the newly updated list, Gaben was listed at #134 on the list, sitting atop a personal fortune of $4.1 billion in net worth. To put this into perspective, Gabe has more cash than Oprah and even the incoming god-emperor-POTUS Donald Trump.

To really start comparing cash-backed personalities, Oprah sits at #239 at $2.8 billion and Donald Trump is found at #156 with $3.7 billion, the latter of which probably angers people simply by existing.

The previous time Forbes updated their list of billionares, Gabe was listed much lower, meaning the company has become that much more profitable in recent years. It certainly shows as more gaming publishers are releasing their stuff exclusively on Steam, and their concurrent userbase has only grown.

Gabe recently did an AMA on Reddit, where he talked up the company’s direction, where he wants to see their development go, as well as his regrets with the iconic Half Life series. You can read more about that here.

Image Source: VG Cats



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