Driving action game Futago Usagi no Gokinjo Turismo announced

Futago Usagi no Gokinjo Turismo

Japanese developer PiXEL has announced Futago Usagi no Gokinjo Turismo, a new driving action game based on the Project Rabbie transmedia project.

Futago Usagi no Gokinjo Turismo is in development for Nintendo Switch, with a 2024 release set for Japan. The game will also be playable at Toky Game Show 2023.

Here’s a rundown on the new game:

Full of energy! Suzunone Miu and Rinto

Start the game by selecting either Miu, who is bright, energetic and loves to eat, or Rinto, who is quick-witted and takes his own pace. Choose a car with a different driving style for each character to clear the stage.

Neighborhood Driving Action

Neighborhood Turismo” is not a one-way street! The stages that scroll horizontally and vertically are just one of the charms of this game.
And with the skills of the car spirits “Fairrica” who help Miu and Rinto in their adventures, a pinch may turn into an opportunity!

Production Staff

Developed by Pixel Inc., the developer and distributor of “Hoagie Hue with Friends” and “Flame Dragon Seiken Xiaomei”. The music is composed by Mr. Tokuyuki Iwadare, who has composed many of the most popular titles such as “Grandia” and “Ace Attorney” and also arranges orchestras and performs with a live band.

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