Full Reveal for Detective Case and Clown Bot

So we’ve been covering this awesome nostalgia infused game called Detective Case and Clownbot in: Murder in the Hotel Lisbon. Now, we have a full press release giving us all the juicy details of the game world and the characters.

The story begins with a strange murder taking place in the famous Hotel Lisbon – a man apparently committed suicide while being stabbed 14 times in the back, all while he drank his coffee.

Local policeman Garcia was too overwhelmed with all of these contradicting facts. Between a rock and a hard place, Garcia calls in the only detective he knows that could solve the case – Detective Case.

The story is teased as something extremely intricate and multi-faceted, that it would “take 14 clairvoyants, 5 apocalyptic sect prophets who can predict the end of the world and 3 of those gypsies that can read the palm of your hand” to guess who the culprit is. Whew, that was a mouthful!

detective case clownbot

Detective Case is described as a mythical detective, also known as the world’s worst detective – a man so rude that people he interrogates would rather be run over by a freight train than have to deal with him any further.

Case’s sidekick, Clown Bot, aspires to one day be a circus clown. Strangely enough, he is terrified of children – so he hasn’t been able to get a job as a circus clown as they primarily meet and greet children all day. Clown Bot never sleeps (being a robot), instead he does stand up comedy in a local bar during the nights.

screenshot_256x192_03 screenshot_256x192_02

The game is clearly inspired by classic point and click games from the 80s and 90s, with its style being reminiscent of old cartoons.

The game will run at a native resolution of 256×192 – so hopefully a port to a handheld might be in the pipeline after its PC, Mac and Linux release?



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