Full Persona 5 Opening, New Characters, More Revealed

Atlus dropped a veritable ton of information that will certainly please fans eagerly waiting for the game.

With so much information too cover, we’ll go by them beat for beat starting with the smallest bit of news being the entire intro movie to the game, which you can see featured above.

The intro is largely the same one we saw at Tokyo Game Show 2015, only now with a cleaner rip of the song, as well as a brief glimpse at Futaba, Makoto and Haru.

The second truck load of information comes in the form of seven newly revealed co-operations that the player will be able to do throughout the course of the main game.

Here’s a brief rundown of the new characters:

Name: Chihaya Mifune

Arcana: Wheel of Fortune

Chihaya Mifune is a Tarot card reader that has set up shop in Shinjuku. A cheerful woman by nature, there are rumors floating around her that her fortunes are infallible.

Name: Hifumi Togo

Arcana: Star

Hifumi Togo is a student of Kosei High School. She is a high skilled Go player that attracts significant attention due to her looks. She practices on a daily basis.

Name: Ichiko Oya

Aracana: The Devil

Ichiko Oya is a gossip in her mid twenties that works for the press. In order to sell more storie, she’ll occasionally manipulate information. She used to be a political reporter.

Name: Sadayo Kawakami

Arcana: Temperance

Sadayo Kawakami is a high school teacher at Syujin high school and teaches both the protagonists and Anne Takamaki’s class. She is very calm and modest.

Name: Shinya Oda

Aracana: The Tower

Shinya Oda is an elementary school student that spends much of his time at a game center in Akihabara. He’s is incredibly skillful at online shooters, and is described as a “boy genius gamer”. Despite this, he wishes to have the strength that the Phantom Thieves display.

Name: Toranosuke Yoshida

Arcana: The Sun

Toranosuke Yoshida is an orator who consistently preaches in front Shibuya Station. He faces the country’s future very seriously.

Name: Yuki Mishima

Arcana: The Moon

Yuki Mishima is a second year high school student that attends Syujin highschool and is the protagonist’s classmate. Being described as unlucky, certain incidents will occur to him that will bring him closer to the protagonist.

Unlike previous Persona titles, these co-operations will be mutually beneficial for both parties, which in turn will deepen the ties between the characters, as well as give certain abilities for the Phantom Thieves to access.

The third bit of information revealed is the very first seventeen minutes of the game, that will be used to set up both the plot as well as the protagonist. You can view the 17 minute intro above.

And lastly, they revealed a brand new free roaming dungeon called the “Memontos”. The area is described as being on the scale of the entire Persona 4 game area.

While in the”Mementos”, you’ll be able to free roam inside Morgana, who shape shifts into a bus, with the goal of completing various requests that the player will get throughout the game. You can view a snippet of it above.

Persona 5 is slated to release on September 20th, 2016 in Japan and on February 14th 2017 in North America.

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