Frontier Developments Boss: “It Would be Stupid not to Support Consoles” with Elite: Dangerous

We’ve been covering the PC and Mac bound Elite: Dangerous, the face-meltingly good looking space simulator by Frontier Development.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Frontier boss David Braben revealed that it “would be stupid not to” bring the game to consoles, i.e. Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

“I’ve just got to watch out,” Braben teased in a response to Eurogamer. “I don’t want to do something that constitutes an announcement, but we would be stupid not to support other platforms, including console.”

Elite: Dangerous is actually using the very same engine that Frontier used to build the Xbox One launch title, Zoo Tycoon. Braben went on to explain their pedigree with games in the past:

“We’ve done lots and lots of games over time. We’ve done first-party Sony games. We’ve done first party Microsoft games. On console. So yes, we’d be stupid not to think about it.

But the point is, we’re very focused on delivering a great PC game. We will then do the game on Mac and during that time we will be looking at other platforms as well.”

So what do you guys think? Would Elite: Dangerous on Playstation 4 and Xbox One just make sense?



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