From the Field to the Screen: How Rugby Video Games are Scoring Big


In the bustling sphere of sports, Rugby has carved out its own distinct niche, captivating a global audience with its dynamic blend of strategy, power, and speed. From iconic teams that have consistently dominated on the field to being favoured by top NRL betting sites like PlayUp, the influence of the sport has been significant.


This article delves into the impact these notable teams have had on the sport, exploring how their prowess has been immortalised in the realm of video games and, subsequently, shaping the future of the sport.


Rugby 22


EKO Software’s Rugby 22 brings a refreshing change to the world of rugby video games, enhancing the player’s interactive experience with the virtual oval ball. This third attempt by the developers has finally hit the sweet spot of user engagement, creating an immersive environment that is both enjoyable and challenging. A key highlight is the improved footwork system, which feels intuitive, similar to the mechanics found in popular sports games like FIFA or Madden. With effective side steps, spins, stutters, dummies, and fends, players can expertly navigate their way across the field, outwitting opponents and creating exciting gameplay moments.


While slightly slower than expected, the passing mechanics are designed to deliver strategic advantages. The player can now easily direct the ball with the help of an expanding metre for cutout passes, making it easier to pick your man in the backline. This, coupled with the provision for full set plays, takes the game to a whole new level of excitement and strategic depth. Furthermore, Rugby 22’s kicking game stands out as robust and interactive, providing a refreshing sense of control and competition during territory duels.


The game truly shines in its ruck and scrum dynamics. Timing stick flicks achieve ruck supremacy as players join the contest, which, when combined with decisive tackles using “hit-stick” style right stick controls, makes for a thrilling match. The game has also introduced an intriguing element of fatigue, adding a layer of realism to the gameplay.


Jonah Lomu Rugby


Jonah Lomu Rugby was released in 1997 for PlayStation, PC, and Sega Saturn. It remained among the best classic video games that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the sport. It was inspired by the New Zealand rugby icon Jonah Lomu, with the game embodying his legendary prowess, his power and agility. Lomu also significantly influenced the game dynamics, adding an authentic, fast-paced rugby experience.


Despite its age, Jonah Lomu Rugby continues to stand the test of time, delivering a unique blend of fun and authenticity. The game offers a wide variety of modes, including the World Cup and tour, engaging players in challenging competitions. Its realistic gameplay, coupled with intuitive controls, makes it a fan favourite, while the inclusion of Lomu’s legendary moves adds an extra thrill.


Rugby Union Team Manager 4


Rugby Union Team Manager 4 introduces various enhancements, reinventing critical aspects of the gameplay. Its revised training mechanism, with a Delegation screen, allows the strategic placement of coaches. Further, player selection is streamlined through a drag-and-drop interface that provides an overview of player attributes.


New layers of strategy emerge with diverse kick-off, scrum, and lineout options during matches. The Transfer Bid system is yet another novel feature that injects dynamism into player transfers. With the introduction of new tournaments, such as the Vikings Tour and British & Irish Cats, and an expanded roster of over 320 clubs and 12,000 players, the game delivers an engaging, diversified, and immersive rugby management journey.


Rugby Nations 22 (Mobile)


In the crowded field of mobile games, Rugby Nations 22 stands out like a champion hoisting the trophy. Its life-like visuals offer a rugby experience that’s as close to real as it gets on a screen. The game breaks new ground by putting women’s rugby on the same footing as men’s, a move that’s been widely appreciated. But it’s the depth of gameplay, with its strategic rucks, mauls, scrums, and lineouts, that truly sets it apart. Throw in the ability to build and manage your own team, and it’s clear why Rugby Nations 22 has become a go-to choice for rugby fans around the world. Best of all, it’s free to play, with optional in-app purchases for those who want to dive even deeper into the rugby universe.



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