Frenetic boomer shooter Turbo Overkill leaves early access

Turbo Overkill

After a slight delay, fast-paced action shooter Turbo Overkill makes it to its full 1.0 release, finally leaving early access.

Turbo Overkill’s full version is available now on Windows PC (through Steam), with ports planned for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

A lauch discount of 15% off is available for the game. If you are curious about Turbo Overkill, check out our thorough preview on the game here.

To best describe Turbo Overkill, it’s the result of turning Chainsaw Man and Hardcore Henry into a retro boomer shooter, resulting in an insane and violent fun time.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Half-metal, half-human, all murder machine

Heavily inspired by some of the all-time greats like Id’s Doom & Quake, and Apogee’s Duke Nukem 3D, with stunning cyberpunk visuals, Turbo Overkill is the most savage FPS ever released by Apogee. You play as Johnny Turbo, augmented with hidden arm rockets and a chainsaw that extends from your lower leg allowing you to slide-slice enemies wide open.

In this Blade Runner-meets-DOOM hellscape, Johnny returns to his hometown of Paradise and finds its entire population possessed by Syn, a rogue AI, and its army of augmented minions. Desperate for enough money to outrun his past mistakes, Johnny takes on the impossible job of destroying the greatest AI ever created. Rival bounty hunters want to claim the prize first. Nothing is easy in paradise.

Turbo Time, wall-running, dashing and grappling hooks, oh my

Turbo Overkill takes over-the-top to never-before-reached heights. Activate Turbo Time(™), a new form of slow motion with a twist. Build incredible speed by wall-running and dashing. Slide on your chainsaw leg, eviscerating foes and opening up bosses for critical damage, and go car-surfing on the hoods of flying cars. Blast away with the Twin Magnums, which lock-on and instagib several foes, the Boomer Shotgun and its attached grenade launcher, or the Telefragger sniper rifle, which teleports Johnny inside an enemy before they explode from within.

Race through two dozen stages packed with secrets, bonus arena stages, and white-knuckle combat puzzles. Find game-changing collectibles to unlock punishing modifiers like triple-monster-speed and insta-kill. Combine all of Johnny’s weapons and powers to outsmart, outgun and outrun the corrupted legions.


  • Kill a boss, get its augment (special power)
  • Play Spider-Man with your grappling hook
  • One-up Duke Nukem with your chainsaw slide-slice kick
  • Kills = cash. Use cash to install augments, upgrade your weapons, and add new abilities in your talent tree
  • Be a ghost runner while wall running
  • Attack from above riding the hood of your flying car like a kung-furious badass
  • Mini-rockets built into your robotic arm?
  • This. List. Will. Grow. Wishlist the game to see it happen
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