Free-to-Play Mobile JRPG Bravely Default Brilliant Lights Announced for Japan

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights

Square Enix have announced Bravely Default Brilliant Lights, a free-to-play mobile JRPG for Japan.

Acting as a commemoration of the series’ 10th anniversary (translation: DeepL), the game features new characters along with party members and bosses from across Bravely Default; battling it out against monsters in the Brave & Default battle system the series is known for.

For those unfamiliar, the system involves players and foes defending to build up “Brave Points,” which can then be spent for extra actions on their turn, or powerful moves. Players are also capable of going into negative figures, making them unable to act for several turns. This battle system has also been “optimized for smartphones.”

The story will be penned by Keiichi Ajiro (Lead Scenario Planner on Bravely Default and Scenario Director on Bravely Second: End Layer). However, details are scant aside from it being “an original story that crosses over from various worlds in the Bravely series.” A closed beta test will also be conducted on Android devices in the “near future.”

You can find the announcement trailer and screenshots below.

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights

Bravely Default Brilliant Lights is free-to-play and coming soon to Japan for Android, and iOS.

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