Fortnite – Winterfest Ship It! Express Quest Guide

Fortnite Winterfest Ship It! Express

Fortnite‘s holiday event is now live, and here’s how you can complete all of its quests.

The Ship It! Express Winterfest mode is entirely focused around throwing things around. Yeah, you read that right, no assault rifles, shotguns, pistols or any sort of gun, only grenades and other wacky throwables.

Weirdly enough, this optional mode actually has no exclusive quests, as it doesn’t seem like the community really enjoyed it. Pretty much all of these missions can be completed in regular matches, and I advise you to do so.

Below you can view our guide to clearing all of the quests, so you can have an easier time getting your holiday rewards.

Visit a Ship It! Express location:

There are three different Ship It! Express locations spread around the map.

The first one is right in the middle of Ritzy Riviera, the second one is a little to the east of Pleasant Plazza, and the third is on the east part of the Hazy Hillside town.

Simply visiting these locations is enough to trigger the quest, making it a pretty easy one to complete.

Land from the bus at Winterburg and finish in the top 20 players:

This one can be tricky, especially because a lot of people could be attempting this.

Winterburg is a ridiculously small island to the north of the map. You can double click the mission and a blue and white star will show you where it is.

If you are having trouble holding your ground in Winterburg, remember that you only need to land there, and aren’t required to stay. Getting top 20 is pretty easy when playing solo, as most players tend to die fast.

Talk to Characters to receive free items:

Most characters will give you a free item when initiating dialogue, so it’s only a matter of finding one.

You can roam around and find them through the speech bubble icons on the map, or double click the quest to see all NPC locations.

It’s worth taking a screenshot of the map if you haven’t met all NPCs yet, as the quest seems to mark even the ones you didn’t interact with, making it a pretty useful way of finding the ones you are missing.

Assist in searching Winterfest Present containers found around the map:

This one can be a little difficult, because the present containers are a bit tough to find.

You are guaranteed to find some in the underside of the floating island that spawns halfway through the match, and some can also be found on a small island south of Winterburg.

Hit weakpoints:

You must have completed this quest hundreds of times, so there’s really no need to explain it.

If you somehow aren’t familiar with this, you simply need to hit the blue orbs that show up when breaking down items, it shouldn’t be any trouble to complete this, and you should always be hitting weakpoints regardless of quests, as you want to break things down as fast as possible to switch back to your weapons.

Hit opponents with snowballs from the Snowball Launcher:

Alright, this one is a pain. The Snowball Launcher is really annoying to use, and its projectiles are pretty slow.

Surprising people with the weapon may be your best bet, since it doesn’t seem likely that you’ll be able to land shots during fights.

Thankfully, you only need to hit people three times with it, but still, good luck.

Land in a snowy region in different matches:

This one is pretty simple, and only requires you to land in snowy regions in two different matches.

Currently half of the map is covered in snow, so you would have to make an effort to land somewhere that doesn’t qualify for this quest.

That about wraps up the Winterfest and Ship It! Express quests for Fortnite. We hope you had fun, managed to get quite a few battle pass levels, and grabbed the exclusive reward for clearing all quests.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.



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