Fortnite – How to get both Lady Gaga skins

Fortnite Lady Gaga Festival

Famous pop singer Lady Gaga arrives on Fortnite with two new skins, as well as a festival pass filled with great songs.

Lady Gaga is the latest skin to be added to Fortnite‘s icon series line, and this time the skins come in two flavors: Enigmatic and Chromatica.

The Chromatica Lady Gaga bundle is only available through the item shop, meaning that she isn’t part of the battle pass. This is good because it means that the skin can come back in the future if you happen to miss it, but also comes with the downside of having to pay extra for it.

The Lady Gaga Bundle is going for 3,000 Vbucks, and includes:

  • Chromatica – Bass Skin
  • Chromatica – Mic Skin
  • Stupid Love – Jam Track
  • Chromatica Armor Gaga – Skin (Includes Lego Style Outfit)
  • Rain Check – Emote

Lady Gaga’s Second look, the Enigmatic skin, is available as the last reward on the current Festival Pass, requiring players to complete quests until they rack up 11,000 Festival Points to unlock.

The Festival Pass has a free track with various smaller rewards and a premium track with the more substantial prizes, like the Lady Gaga skin.

The Festival Pass costs 1,800 Vbucks to unlock, and contains 11 levels to go through, each featuring a different reward.

The free track of the current Festival Pass contains:

  • Festival Ready – Loading Screen
  • 8-Bit-Beat – Jam Track
  • Pop Off – Fortnite Festival Aura
  • Strap Spin – Emote
  • Brightest Beat – Spray Emote
  • Bloom – Jam Track
  • Wicket Point – Fortnite Festival Bass
  • Backbeat Bow – Emote
  • Chain Break – Emoticon
  • Best Buds – Jam Track
  • The Woodworker – Fortnite Festival Drums

The more substantial premium track of the current Festival Pass contains:

  • Chromatica Guitar – Fortnite Festival Guitar
  • Ride Wit Me – Jam Track
  • The Gaga Collection – Loading Screen
  • Black Hole Sun – Jam Track
  • Aurora Aura – Fortnite Festival Aura
  • Breaking Me – Jam Track
  • Chromatica Keytar – Fortnite Festival Keytar
  • Poker Face – Jam Track
  • Electric Sine – Back Bling
  • Kindness Punk – Emote
  • Enigmatic Gaga – Skin (Includes Lego Style Outfit)

The current Festival Pass will last until April 22, 2024, so there’s quite a bit of time to get to it. If the item shop follows the past pattern we’ve seen when it came to The Weeknd skins, then the Chromatica bundle will also stay available until that date.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.



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