Fortnite Festival – How to unlock The Weeknd

Fortnite Festival The Weeknd

The main singer from The Weeknd has landed on Fortnite, but how can you unlock him?

The Fortnite Festival mode is here, developed by Harmonix, known for their work on the Rock Band series.

The star of this mode’s battle pass is the lead singer from The Weeknd, who is locked behind the Festival Pass.

The festival pass includes 11 levels, two different tracks (one free and one premium), and 22 rewards, with the last one being The Weeknd Icon Series skin.

You can view all rewards for the Festival pass below:

Free Tier:

  • Mainstage Feeling Loading Screen
  • Butter Barn Hoedown Jam Track
  • Stellar Burst Aura
  • Take me Higher Jam Track
  • Equalize Emote
  • Switch Up Jam Track
  • High Voltage Emote
  • Run It Jam Track
  • Chill Llama Emote
  • Brace for Chaos Jam Track
  • Nanner Jammer Guitar

Premium Tier:

  • Weeknd Mic Microphone
  • Drop the Beat Loading Screen
  • My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) Jam Track
  • Highwire Bass
  • Gangnam Style Jam Track
  • Xo Bass
  • Poison Jam Track
  • Sludgie Keytar
  • Blinding Lights Jam Track
  • Bouncing Bars Aura
  • The Weeknd Skin

Players can unlock these rewards by progressing through the battle pass with Festival Points. The first reward costs 1,000  festival points and increases with each tier, reaching 11,000 festival points for the last reward.

The Festival Pass costs 1,800 Vbucks to be unlocked, which is a little expensive as far as passes go, but that probably has to do with it having two reward tracks.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.



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