Fortnite – Chapter 5 Kickstart Quests Guide

Fortnite Chapter 5 Kickstart Quests

With the beginning of each season, comes a set of Kickstart quests, which are meant to help players earn levels in the Battle Pass faster.

The Kickstart quests are bound to give you enough experience to reach at least level 5 in the Battle Pass, which can be quite tough without supercharged XP.

Below you can view each quest, as well as our recommended way of clearing them:

Deal damage to enemy players:

Dealing damage to enemy players is a staple of Fortnite‘s quests, basically present in each weekly batch of missions.

As always, the quest is cumulative, so simply doing well in the game will have it completed eventually, but it does help to use high damage weapons, like shotguns or sniper rifles to resolve conflicts quickly and make the most out of each shot.

Get on board the train:

One of the new things that arrived with Chapter 5 is a train that goes around the map. Being fully honest, there aren’t many reasons to land on the train aside from quests, since it doesn’t have any good loot on it.

The easiest way to land on the train is right at the beginning of the match, where you can plan to land on it with your glider. Making it to the train later in the match is pretty difficult, and requires quite a bit of platforming to position yourself carefully.

This specific quest only requires you to land on the train, but a Week 1 quest requires you to capture it as well, so if you feel like getting started with that quest we recommend doing your best to capture the train. It’s worth noting that loot can be found on the train by interacting with these black and gold plaques found on its archways, instead of opening chests.

Search a Weapon Case:

Weapon cases are another new addition to Chapter 5, and are found commonly near mod benches.

They are actually pretty similar in appearance to mod benches, so it can be a little difficult to spot them, but they are mostly found inside of vaults, which can be accessed by defeating powerful NPCs.

Use a Shield Potion and Medkit:

This is one of the most straightforward Kickstart quests, especially now that the OG Season is done and finding Shield Potions is much, much easier.

Simply filling up your shields and healing in the same match is enough to complete this quest, and it will most likely be done before you even realize it.

Hurdle at different named locations:

Fortnite‘s Chapter 5 has completely revamped the parkour mechanics, making traversal in the game feel much more responsive.

Hurdling, for the uninitiated, is done by sprinting and vaulting over an object on the ground, like the short fences that can be found in the Fencing Fields area.

Hurdling is one of the many new parkour mechanics added to Chapter 5, so make sure remember that the environment is much more interactive in this new chapter of the game, as it can make a difference in tight situations.

Travel distance in a whiplash:

One of the many multiversal collaborations happening in Chapter 5 is with Rocket League, which adds the futuristic cars to the game.

They don’t feature their usual crazy mobility, but happen to be extremely fast vehicles, which can be quite useful when it comes to running away from a closing storm circle.

The best way to find the whiplash car is to look around for fuel stations around the map, but it’s worth noting that the whiplash car can also be found mostly at random, so it’s best to keep an eye out for it regardless of where you are.

Assist in collecting a Society Medallion:

Society Medallions are essentially the new vault keycards, and they serve as keys to open vaults spread around the map.

These medallions drop from strong NPCs, which can be found all throughout the game. Usually following the sound of constant gunfire will lead you right to them.

When it comes to fighting these NPCs, headshots are the key to make the fight easier. The NPCs can summon a decent amount of henchmen to quickly overwhelm you, so it’s recommended to take their shields down with a shotgun and try to score as many headshots as you can with an SMG to damage their health.

Visit fishing spots:

One of the easiest quests in this batch, as it simply requires you to visit a spot in which fishing is possible. There’s a good chance you’ll complete this one without even realizing, but if you somehow didn’t manage to, you can click the quest and it will show a blue and white star on each fishing spot available for you.

Apply a Weapon Mod at a Mod Bench:

Another new feature present in Chapter 5 is the ability to fully customize certain weapons by using a Mod Bench.

These Mod Benches aren’t super easy to find, but they are guaranteed to show up in some places, like inside of vaults.

They have a distinct icon that shows up when players are near it, so keep an eye out for these benches, as they can completely change the feel of your weapons.

Complete Match Quests:

The previous augment system is gone for now, but is hinted to come back at some point during the season. For now, however, we have Match Quests, which are mini missions that you can choose from at the beginning of each match.

You get a choice of four different quests each time, and some of them are really straightforward, like simply using a medkit or eliminating someone with a specific weapon. Pick whichever one you have the best chance of completing for a good bump of 5 thousand experience points.

We hope these quests manage to give you a nice start towards completing the Chapter 5 Battle Pass, and that our guide managed to make things easier. We’ll continue to cover this new Fortnite season, so keep an eye on Niche Gamer for more info.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.



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