Fortnite announces official ranked play for multiple modes

Fortnite Ranked

Fortnite has announced that they will be introducing ranked play for both Battle Royale (BR) and Zero Build matches.

You’ve long been leveling up in Fortnite Battle Royale — now it’s almost time to rank up. Starting in Fortnite v24.40, Battle Royale and Zero Build will each have a Ranked option! Enable Ranked and begin your journey of reaching “Silver,” “Gold,” “Platinum,” or beyond.

In their official announcement, Fortnite also released a quick FAQ about how the ranked queues will work and any changes involved. You can read some of the highlights below.


In the Lobby, if you have “Ranked” set to “On,” you’ll see your current rank on the left of the screen. You’ll also see a progress bar indicating how far you are from advancing to the next rank or returning to the previous one.

How much the progress bar increases or recedes after a match will depend on the following factors:

  • Your match placement
  • How many eliminations you or your team got in the match
    • Eliminations later in the match will count more than eliminations earlier in the match.
    • The ranks of the players you or your team eliminated will be taken into account.

Teams will be treated as a single unit — all team members will gain and lose progress equally based on team eliminations and team placement calculated at the end of a match.

Your team’s rank will be determined by the highest-ranked player on the team. For example, if a team is made up of Gold I and Silver I players, they’ll matchmake as a Gold I team and play against similarly-ranked teams.


In v24.40, Ranked will start off with the following Battle Royale and Zero Build mode(s) supported:

Battle Royale

  • Solo
  • Duos
  • Squads

Zero Build

  • Duos

You’ll have separate ranks for both Battle Royale and Zero Build.


If you’re playing in Solo, you’ll be matched against opponents of the same or similar rank as you.

If you’re playing in Duos or Squads, your team will have a “party rank.” Your party rank will be equivalent to the rank of the highest-ranked teammate. Your team will be matched against teams with the same or similar party rank.

  • Even though you’ll have a party rank, you’ll also maintain your individual rank. The progress bar movement for your individual rank will be based on your and your team’s performance in the Duos/Squads match.

Players can jump into Ranked matches no matter which matchmaking region they’re using.


Turning on Ranked will put you against other players who have Ranked enabled. You can expect all the loot and other gameplay features that are enabled in traditional Battle Royale and Zero Build to be enabled in Ranked Season Zero as we continue to monitor and evaluate the Ranked player experience. With this in mind, we’ll be making the following balance changes in v24.40:

  • Material caps will be decreased from 999 to 500.
  • Harvesting rates will be slightly increased.
  • Players will drop 50 of each material when they are eliminated.

With the release of Ranked play, the Arena will be discontinued when patch v24.40 releases within the next few weeks.

Fortnite is available and free-to-play on Windows PC, Mac (both via the official website and Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.



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