Former Blizzard Entertainment Devs Launch Frost Giant Studios, Will Focus on RTS Games

frost giant games

Former Blizzard Entertainment developers have announced the formation of a new game developer – Frost Giant Studios.

Their new studio will focus on real-time strategy games, and is co-founded by Tim Morten (production lead on StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void) and Tim Campbell (lead designer on WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne). Frost Giant Studios goal is to make real-time strategy games for bigger audiences.

Both of the Tim’s managed to raised $4.7 million in seed funding from Bitkraft Ventures, funding they’ll use to “begin building a prototype for gameplay, conduct consumer research, and expand operations.”

“Real-time strategy players are an incredibly passionate community, and they deserve not just a great new game, but one they can share broadly with friends,” Morten said. “Building a worthy successor will take time, but we’re incredibly excited and grateful to carry real-time strategy forward at Frost Giant Studios.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on Frost Giant Studios and whatever their first project might be – and as always we’ll keep you guys posted.


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